Vägghängd rak- och sminkspegel med ram i led-ljus monterad på badrumsvägg

Shaving/​Make-up Mirror

OUTLINE Shaving/Make-up Mirror with LED-technology.
Polished Chrome, PMMA Frame.
Wall mounted.
Rechargeable battery, charge with USB.
Sensor Activated Quality Light, see Technical data.
Magnifies 7 times.
Mirror Diameter 200 mm.

  • Item number: FK491EP
  • Bathroom Series OUTLINE
  • Surface/Color: Chrome

Other info

An automatic motion sensor turns on the LED lights when detecting movement at 15 cm distance. Lights are turned off automatically after 12 seconds without movement.

Sketch Sizes
  • A:200 mm
  • B:200 mm
  • C:35 mm
  • D:380 mm