Stand out or blend in with HOUSE in matte white

The HOUSE series is one of our most popular and successful series of all time and it has decorated bathrooms all over the world. In 2018 the HOUSE series was launched in matte black. Ever since the black bathroom trend took off, a softer opposite trend has been bubbling beneath the surface. In September, Smedbo expanded its range with a total of 17 items in a matte white color.

– HOUSE in white matte was born out of an idea to design an opposition to HOUSE in matt black. We wanted to add a different color to the HOUSE family whose expression is soft and changeable depending on the bathroom and style, says Cecilia Ask, Marketing Manager at Smedbo.


The HOUSE series launches hooks, towel ring, towel rail, toilet roll holder, toilet brush, and spare toilet roll holder in a silky white finish. The holder with tumbler, the holder with soap dish as well as the holder for the toilet brush combine details in matte white together with a base in frosted glass. Smedbo’s unique towel warmer ‘The tree’ from the DRY series and the classic shower basket DX3001 from the SIDELINE series also comes in the new colorway.

Mattvit vägghängd duschkorg DX3001 med lavendel ovanpå

– Without white, tones and shades would not exist, which makes the color white interesting along with other colors. The advantage of the white color is that it can be combined naturally with other colors from the entire color spectrum, says Ola Giertz Product Manager at Smedbo.

Smedbo house i mattvit uppsatt i grått badrum

When HOUSE in matte white is placed in an all-white bathroom, the series gives an architectural feeling in the bathroom. The series then leaves room for the rest of the interior and blends in sophistically with the rest of the bathroom’s interior. In a bathroom whose base color is darker, the contrasts are highlighted, the series is then allowed to stand out and create effective silhouettes. When the series is placed together with nearby shades such as tones of gray and beige, the design instead becomes sober and soft. Like a chameleon, HOUSE in matte white, regardless of bathroom and colors, manages to both stand out effectively and sophistically blend in.

Here you can see our entire new white matte HOUSE series which helps you add a personal touch to your bathroom.

Smedbo house i mattvit uppsatt i ljuslila badrum
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