LIVING – Smedbo® launches an elegant bathroom series with a focus on safety and flexibility

13 Apr, 2021

In Europe, we have a rapidly growing population over 60 years of age. It is a very active group with good health and a great interest in home interior and design with a focus on quality and comfort. When we developed our new LIVING care concept, it has been our goal to offer several bathroom protection items that meet exactly these needs.

The LIVING series has been expanded with a new modular system – LIVING care concept. LIVING care concept is an elegant bathroom series focusing on bathroom safety and flexibility. The purpose of the product series is to facilitate the function of the bathroom and to make the bathroom accessible and safe for all ages and needs.

LIVING care concept is a series consisting of modular systems ready for use, and a series of independent modular parts that can be combined for tailor-made solutions. Together, the modular systems and the stand-alone modular parts in the LIVING care concept offer almost unlimited design possibilities that suit your bathroom’s needs and appearance. LIVING care concept improves the conditions in all different types of bathrooms and needs.

Grab bar solutions consist of seven modular systems, these are optimal for a ready-to-use solution.

Grab bar parts consist of seven independent parts intended to be interconnected to build a flexible modular system. The free-standing parts can also be built together with existing modular systems by replacing parts and adapting them to your needs. All products are tested and approved for maximum load 150 kg. Tested according to SS-ISO 17966:2016, 23.7.3 Tests performed by RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden).

Lina Blomqvist, Product Developer at Smedbo describes that in terms of design language, Living Grab Bars has its basis in the bathroom series AIR. As AIR is one of our elegant series, it felt fun to continue working with this very expression, says Lina Blomqvist.

– There is something wonderful about modular systems and modular thinking. It is often used to make things more efficient, and with a few combined parts achieve something bigger. There is also a playfulness to it, something that opens up for creativity and for the thoughts of childhood Lego. It’s flexible, nothing is impossible, says Lina Blomqvist.

LIVING care concept has a strong focus on functionality, despite this the design is elegant and classic. LIVING is beautifully combined with bathroom accessories from bathroom series AIR, SIDELINE and OUTLINE to create a bathroom with a complete interior.

Do you want to read more about LIVING care concept, have a look at our LIVING collection page.