Refresh your bathroom with 5 simple tricks

One of the most common questions we get is how to best update a bathroom without renovating. It is not always easy to know at which end to begin when you want to give your bathroom a face lift. In this article, we share our best tricks to transform a bathroom with small means. Of course, the bathroom should still be a room for contemplation and recovery!
ljusbeige och brun vas med torkad lavendel vid fönster

Start by introducing round, soft, and organic shapes that are not usually related to the bathroom. Give the bathroom a well-deserved place in the home, decorate it and create a room that you want to be in, where mental health and calm are the highest priority. You can create personal still lifes with interior details that draw focus from an otherwise cold environment. Maybe you can display some of your jewellery on a marble dish? Only the imagination sets limits…

kommod i trä i beiget badrum, med grön nätt växt

Stone, wood, and other organic materials gives a sense of serenity and life. Let the bathroom emit calm by taking in the beautiful shapes of nature. Maybe you can make room for a beautiful branch of hazel in a vase? An easy way to add nature to a bathroom is to add natural shower details such as brushes and sponges and give them a significant place in the bathroom. A beautiful pumice stone or a scrubbing brush in wood can add harmony while the objects also fulfil a practical function.

handduk, badbomb, värmeljus vid badkar

Involve all your senses, not just sight. Give the bathroom a soul and let it speak for itself by creating a scent image for the bathroom. Scented bags, scented candles or scented sticks are an excellent choice for changing the mood in a room. A scented candle with green tones such as spruce and birch gives a natural, pleasant feeling, while cotton or lily of the valley creates a room with freshness and floral feeling

handduksring i serien home i kromad finish med vit randig handduk

The devil is in the details. Replace those outdated towel hooks, the toilet paper holder and toilet brush. Try to keep the details in the same style to create a common theme. Don´t be afraid to try some bold interior ideas. Try matte black towel hooks to create a contrast, or why not solid brass? Remember that the bathroom is just as important as the rest of the home, and therefore deserves at least as much love.


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