The dream of an organized bathroom

Do you experience that it gets messy in the bathroom a little too often? A common problem when there is a lack of space in the bathroom is to keep it organized. So, how to counteract messy bathrooms?
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Our best advice is that each thing should have its place. Does that sound easier said than done? In fact, it does not have to be that difficult. With a good foundation, you will go a long way!

Make sure to organize the bathroom and the cabinets, make sure that all the accessories have a unique place. A good solution is to group all the things that belong together. If you want to remove bath products from the bathtub or the floor, a good start is to place them in a nice shower basket.

Refills of shampoo, conditioner may be stored in closed cabinets to avoid a messy impression.

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Space and airiness make a bathroom feel cleaner and tidier. Therefore, be sure to remove much of what is otherwise on the floor or cabinets and place it on the walls instead.

Using wall mounted soap dispensers, toothbrush glasses and toilet paper holders, for example, are excellent choices for the bathroom to feel more well-planned and spacious.

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Do you find that your towels create a clutter in the bathroom as soon as they are not neatly folded on the bathroom shelf?

Our best tip is to let some towel ring or towel rails have an obvious place in your bathroom. When towels are hung on a towel rail or towel ring, the towels remain folded, which is perceived as more orderly.

Therefore, we want to strike a blow the alternative suspension options. The towel rail and towel ring are a classic and stylish suspension that is perfect for the well-organized bathroom!