Monunting concrete

Tip for mounting of wall plates
Place the wall plate on the wall where you want it and mark with a pen where the holes will be. Initially drill the top hole and fasten the plate without tightening the screw. Because the top hole of the back plate is horizontal, you can adjust the plate a bit from side to side before you drill the other holes and tighten the plate permanently.
This is especially usefull when mounting objects onto tile to avoid making unnecessary holes. Also, this procedure helps when mounting two plates placed a specific distance apart from each other such as a towel rail.

The mounting instructions provided are meant only as an illustration and guide. All walls and surfaces are slightly different and may require a different type of mounting system than described below.
If you have any questions or if you have any doubts as to the proper mounting procedure, we highly recommend you contact a professional for installation assistance.


Use expansion screws or nylon toggles for heavier objects meant to take more weight. In some concrete walls, you may need to drill with a hammer-drill.
Choose a drill bit with the same dimensions as the anchor.