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  • HOME Brushed Brass
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  • HOME Black
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  • HOME Brushed Chrome
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Maybe the toilet brush isn’t the first thing you think of when it comes to bathroom design – but we do!

Hard-to-beat range of toilet brushes

The toilet brush is a bathroom accessory that is often overlooked. But we’re really proud of our stylish toilet brushes, which are worth looking at. Plus, we probably have the widest range on the market.

A wall-mounted toilet brush makes it easy to keep the floor around the toilet clean. Our wall mounted brushes have holders in brass, brushed or polished chrome, matt black and matt white. Containers are also available in brushed or polished chrome, brass, black, white, porcelain or frosted glass. The toilet brush range also includes freestanding brushes.

Loose brush heads, in white or black, are available for purchase in our XTRA assortment.

Toilet brushes from Smedbo

  • Freestanding and wall-hung toilet brushes in a variety of designs
  • A stylish detail that can stand out
  • Models that last