Shower squeegee

duschskrapa med självhäftande hängare uppsatt på beige kakelvägg
Color and surface

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  • SIDELINE Black
  • SIDELINE Polished Stainless Steel
  • SIDELINE Black
  • SIDELINE Black
  • SIDELINE Black, Chromed
  • SIDELINE Chromed
  • SIDELINE Chromed
  • SIDELINE Black
  • SIDELINE White
  • SIDELINE Chrome

With a shower squeegees close at hand, you can easily wipe your shower screen and keep it clean and fresh. And our shower squeegees are not only functional – they’re also a stylish accessory in your bathroom.

Shower squeegees makes quick work of cleaning and freshening

If your shower has glass screens, keep them looking good without limescale stains. The shower squeegees is a functional bathroom accessory, and with the right choice of product it also makes a stylish accessory. Our designer shower squeegees have black silicone wiper blades.

As a bathroom accessory that is used every day, the shower squeegee should obviously be close at hand. The Smedbo range includes shower squeegees that can be hung on an adhesive hook, or designed to hang on shower baskets.

  • Keeps glass shower enclosures looking good without limescale stains
  • Quickly cleans and refreshes the surface
  • Our shower heads are also a stylish accessory